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The Olyve Box offers a luxurious self-care experience blending beauty and nourishment. It features two products: Beauty Food Hair, a vegan hair mask enriched with natural ingredients like Olive leaves and Mango Butter for hair rejuvenation, and Beauty Food Body, a vegan body cream with Olive derivatives for skin hydration and nutrition. These products are free from harmful ingredients and suitable for all skin types, including children. The Olyve Box combines beauty and wellness, providing a botanical-based self-care ritual.

Olyve Box Beauty Food Body | Beauty Food Body Set

  • OLYVE beauty focuses on SUSTAINABLE SKINCARE and SKINIFICATION CONCEPT, to improve the appearance of the skin and take care of it with fewer steps to follow aiming to make the beauty routine easier but no less effective.  


    Key ingredients in our products are Olive derivatives and leaves from the Nocellara del Belice cultivar, harvested between January and February for higher Oleuropein content.


    It is a polyphenol extremely present in olive leaves. They help fight skin and cellular ageing and counteract the action of free radicals, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, soothes the skin, blurs imperfections, provides balanced nutrition inspired by the Mediterranean diet, and enhance the growth of healthier hair.


    The Beauty Food for Hair is a versatile product for both hair and scalp, delivering the benefits of olive oil without greasiness. Packed with nourishing, antioxidant, and regenerating ingredients, it comes in a travel-friendly airless tube for efficient use.


    Beauty Food for Body nourishes the entire body, offering a single cream for neck, hands, feet, and body. It strikes a balance between body butter and body cream, moisturizing without greasiness and lasting longer on the skin. Its scent evokes the Mediterranean with hints of sea breeze, olive trees, and wood, packaged in a glass jar for maximum effectiveness.

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