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Beauty food Body is highly nutritious, moisturising and vegan, also applicable on the neck and hands. The high percentage of Polyphenols, coming from the olive leaves, helps fighting skin and cellular ageing and thus counteract the action of free radicals. Polyphenols, in fact, are primarily antioxidants that complement the action of vitamins and enzymes against oxidative stress.


Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, it can be applied on children's skin and perfect to use as an after-sun lotion, because of the excellent calming effect!

MODE OF USE: Preferably apply immediately after showering, between 3 and 5 minutes after getting out, when the skin is still damp. Unlike a normal body butter, absorption is much quicker due to its delicate consistency. Also excellent to use as an after-sun lotion, because of the excellent calming effect!

MAIN INGREDIENTS: anti-ageing, antioxidant, soothing and repairing Olive Leaves; anti-inflammatory Shea Butter; multivitamin and multi-mineral Mango Butter; cicatrizant Avocado Oil; emollient Almond Oil; elasticizing Vitamin-E; anti-stain, photo-protective and sebum-regulating Vitamin PP; repairingAllantoin; exfoliating Urea; regenerating Trehalose(vegetable keratin)

Glass jar 200 ml


Beauty Food Body | Italian Vegan Body Cream

Beauty Food Body | Italian Vegan Body Cream

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